Hangzhou Yisaka Paper Products Co.,Ltd
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About us

 Hangzhou Yisaka Paper Products Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of food packaging paper ,which is engaged in design, R&D, production and Sales of food packaging paper. Our main products are Baking paper, Roast paper, Hamburger wrapping ,Wax paper,Greaseproof paper and Baking cups.
  The company covers an area of 10,000 square meters, workshop designed according to the international GMP standard dust-free, we imported advanced facilities for production, all products are meet food grade standard.
  We aim to develop long-term relationships based on consistent good quality and delivery on time.
  Hangzhou Yisaka Paper Products Co.,Ltd. has a high-qualified team, the top management has more many years experience in food packaging industry. The experiences help deliver good quality service and keeping innovation , which enabling our customers to fully leverage the benefits of our business.